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DIATERMO MB 200 - mono-bipolar 200 Watt

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Producator: Gima
Cod producator: 30542
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Garantie: 24 luni
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Detalii produs DIATERMO MB 200 - 200 W

DIATERMO MB200 is a HF electrosurgical unit suitable to perform middle monopolar or bipolar electrosurgery. The available waveforms and peak voltage value, as well as the accurate HF leakage current operation for polypectomy, TURP, intrauterine resections, endometriosis excision, etc. The units allow the accurate preset of the output power with as low as 1 Watt resolution and to perform coagulation by high crest factor current, to get an elevated thermal effect, as well as with low voltage low crest factor current, to get coagulation in absence of carbonization. Ten different programs related to ten different operative conditions could be stored and easily recalled by the surgeon. The use of either split or normal neutral plates are allowed. A special electronic circuit (Skin Plate Electronic Control) continuously checks if the plate is safely connected to the patient and detects unwanted short circuit in the connecting cable. An over time warning (OVT) is provided to prevent excessive heating of the tissue around the surgical target due to too long current delivery time.

Technical Specifications

Maximum output power CUT (W): 200 250Ohm (Crest factor 1,5)
Maximum output power CUT 90% (W): 200 250Ohm (Crest factor 1,6)
Maximum output power CUT 80% (W): 200 250Ohm (Crest factor 1,7)
Maximum output power CUT 70% (W): 200 250Ohm (Crest factor 1,8)
Maximum output power BLEND (W): 120 200Ohm (Crest factor 2,1)
Maximum output power COAG FORCED (W): 150 150Ohm (Crest factor 2,0)
Maximum output power COAG SOFT (W): 90 100Ohm (Crest factor 1,7)
Maximum output power BIPOLAR COAG (W): 100 100Ohm (Crest factor 1,5)
Maximum output power BIPOLAR CUT (W): 120 250Ohm (Crest factor 1,5)
Working frequency: 600 kHz
Weight kg: 8
Size LxHxD mm: 360x150x265
Selectable mains power(Vac): 115 - 230
Mains frequency (Hz): 50-60
Fuses 115Vac - 230Vac (5x20) TIMED: 2x6,3A - 2x3,15A
Power accuracy output warning system •
Split or not split patient plate allowed •
Electrical Class (EN60601 - 1) I CF
MDD 93/42/EEC Class II b
Patient circuit F
Duty cycle (action/pause) in seconds 10/30

Standard accessories

• MB two-button autoclavable handle (30536)
• MB waterproof foot-switch 30577 (usable in alternative to handle)
• MB flat neutral metal plate with cable (30564)
• Kit 10 short standard electrodes, diam. 2.4 mm
• Power cable 2 m
• Manual: available in GB, IT