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Mamograf Lilyum

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Cod: 594
Producator: Metaltronica
Cod producator: mamo
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Garantie: 12
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Detalii produs Metaltronica takes full advantage of many decades of experience in the diagnostic imaging field and believes in engaging in a continuous dialogue with clinicians and technologists to ensure that its systems address their most demanding requirements.
Lilyum is the direct result of the recent and significant redesign of the company's entire product line. This system is a fully operational analog unit that cost-effectively acquires high-quality images.
Suitable for all breast exams, including high volume screening programs, its accuracy, and optimized workflow represent a quantum leap in analog mammography.


Automatic collimation
Lilyum is outfitted with a size and position recognition device for the compressor that adapts automatically to the X-ray beam collimation in all procedure modes (standard exam, geometric magnification, biopsy). 
"Smart μPress" compression system
The image quality directly correlates to the correct compression of the breast. Lilyum lets the mammography technician perform this operation automatically or in a motorized mode with manual fine adjustments via rotary controllers or fully manually by unlocking the compression paddle. In the first two modes, the remarkably gentle progression of the set force significantly reduces the patient's discomfort and allows the operator to stretch the tissues properly. The available range of standard and optional compressors addresses all diagnostic needs.
Potter-Bucky with an anti-Scatter grid
Lilyum is available with a Potter-Bucky in two different formats (18x24 cm or 24x30 cm) that are perfectly interchangeable. An internal carbon fiber grid reduces drastically scattered radiation, contributing to the acquisition of sharp and high-quality images.
Field protection screen
To protect the X-ray beam from other parts extraneous to the exam procedure, Lilyum is equipped with a polycarbonate screen.
AEC and "ULTRA" software
Lilyum is outfitted with an advanced Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) that sets the optimal parameters in function of the effective Breast Density (evaluated by a pre-exposure X-Ray pulse). The microprocessor-controlled automatic exposure meter is calibrated with the advanced "ULTRA" software. Installation is straightforward and quick.


Geometric magnification kit
Compression paddles

Anti-X protective barriers
Bym 3D


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